DigiByte has some great core values I personally subscribe to: decentralization, inclusiveness, permissionless, integrity, consensus, and transparency. The latter is the most challenging one. Being transparent on one side, and trying to assess possible consequences of being transparent on the other side, is a difficult balancing act.

I’ll have to…

It’s only 2 years ago that I got interested in Blockchain Technology.
I first learned about Ethereum and even started mining ETH.
I do remember that one of my first cryptocurrency purchases was XRP.
When reading more about this amazing technology called blockchain, I also learned about the meaning of true…

With great pleasure, we’re excited to announce the setup of the DigiByte Foundation.

A great revolutionary step for DigiByte towards protecting and promoting the true principles of decentralization, and to empower DigiByte and its community to further establish and maintain a sustainable decentralized world.

General introduction:
The DigiByte Foundation will be…


When you want to start with cryptocurrency trading or when you are looking for a long term investment in a blockchain project, where would you put your money in?
For sure you will try to find the best, most undervalued and most promising project.
The first question could be, how can I…

Last week I spoke to a fund manager at the Rabobank, about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Although he believes in the application of blockchain technology in general, he would never advise customers to invest in cryptos and they are not considering starting a crypto investment fund either.

First reason is, he…

Dear DigiByte community, the DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) needs your help! It’s a wonderful experience volunteering and interacting with the larger DigiByte community. We are always encouraged by your support, amused by your ‘hodling’ and ‘#whenbinance’ stories, and humbled by your acknowledgement of our efforts.

As you know, DGBAT is…

Rudy Bouwman

Secretary & Vice Chairman of the DigiByte Foundation | Co-Founder DigiByte Awareness Team | Contact: rudy@digibyte.io

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