Can the DigiByte project sell itself?

We all know, and if not, we need to know, that DigiByte was never an ICO and there is no company behind it. This means there are no full-time paid employees but all non-paid volunteers working on the DigiByte project. This also means there is no big money for paying developers (however there are some DigiByte bounties available from Foundation) and there is no money for a big marketing push. This means DigiByte is mainly depending on influencers, companies, and exchanges that like to support and help DigiByte for free. If any money is needed then funds need to be raised by the community. With no company behind it also means DigiByte doesn’t have paid products or copyrights, but everything is free to use and free to copy. Question that arises then is, can an amazing good project like DigiByte, with a clear edge over any other blockchain, just sell itself? The answer is not just a simple Yes or No.

Having this knowledge, I would like to start to say, there should be no reason to have any critisism on anyone working on DigiByte. No one can be blamed anything, but only be respected for what he or she is doing or at least trying to do for DigiByte. If someone is complaining or thinks he can do better, I would encourage that person to act now, become part of the DigiByte community and start working on the project. If people were getting paid, then it would be a different story of course. If someone is not performing good enough for whatever he is getting paid for, then there is a good reason to kick his ass or to criticize. This is not the case with people working on DigiByte. If people don’t like the way DigiByte is supported, and consider this to be a negative point, then they should not invest in it, but looking for another project.

In my opinion there are multiple benefits for the way DigiByte is supported. It’s unique and unlike any other project or company because all people involved in this decentralized community and working on DigiByte are, without any exception, all very dedicated, passionated and even maybe some (me included) are obsessed about DigiByte. Not being an ICO means no central leadership or authority but also means no risk of dealing with people that only care about money making, or people with wrong intentions, or people that not really care about the product (if there is a working product anyway). With DigiByte this is just impossible. DigiByte is supported by people believing in it’s proven and tested technology and the further development, and are working hard together to create awareness and adoption around the globe. To accomplish that, DigiByte needs the best community and the good thing it has the best community. DigiByte is not a project to hype or to pump, but it will see an organic growth: in acknowledgement, use-cases, and in value.

There is however one issue when being a decentralized community working on DigiByte. When reaching out to companies to discuss an integration of DigiByte, it is hard for companies to understand the decentralization, or at least they don’t know how to deal with that. They expect leadership, authority, and they would like to speak to skilled professionals in certain positions and are expecting it all to be well organized. That’s where the DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) comes into play: an organized part of the community. Consider it to be the ‘company’ behind DigiByte, supported by the Foundation and the community. The DGBAT ‘company’ consists of self-entitled skilled professionals with day time job experiences that can be applied in today’s activities for DigiByte, like trying to sell DigiByte use-cases to companies. But remember, all being done by non-paid and mostly part-time volunteers, limited in their activities and possibilities because of their available time and the lack of money for huge advertizing or campaigns, but, maybe more important, they are all equipped with two strong tools: passion and dedication. That passion and dedication by the DigiByte community is by far the best in this crypto-space and is being noticed more and more by many others.

So, no need to have too high expectations, or even any expectations at all, of anyone working on DigiByte, and therefore there is no reason for any critisism. Just trust the dedicated, hardworking community members to apply their skills and experiences the best they can with their best intentions, and therefore we all should just show respect of what all are doing and manage to accomplish. If you are a member of the DigiByte community just be proud, humble, show respect and be tolerant. If you think you can do things better: just step up and start working. If you want to become part of the DigiByte community there is no application required, and nothing that could stop you joining us.

Can the DigiByte project sell itself? Yes, it can but not without the amazing community.

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